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Online Security

Online Security

In the field of Online Security, from the very beginning stage, the safety of Server/Client, to the web construction, security software has always been there and the techniques and standards have been growing enormously along with the improved technology. However, current security software provided by the software suppliers not only has limits in applications, but also lacks in performance. The Digital Secured Product developed by Waha consists of the safety of Server/Client and the friendly web-based construction and management, it is also a new era turnkey product. It could apply to the safety of all industries and individuals. It double-protects the secured file being protected and destroys the file with no signs of existence at anytime.

Waha Digit Safety Products provide protection in most forms of file formats online and allows the user to accomplish its mission smoothly and reliably. It could pack any size of the file in any format into an online secured encryption file. It has a robot interface for the user to set up the secured file upon request. It offers different levels of online encryption, from 128 bits to 256 bits, 448 bits to 512 bits, or the capability of embedding in a unique reading format or encryption/decryption algorithm to fulfill special safety requirements.

Waha is a remarkable security software product design that meets industrial standards and has the security ratings of Public Key and Private Key, CA and SSL Online Security Data Transfer, and an extended function of a floating self-defined security certificate. It holds many security software patents, such as the multi-functions of Waha Business Version to assure the secured encryption online and defeat illegal copy. For example, a paid movie is being transmitted to a prepaid user, an illegal copy could be made and inappropriately easily sent out.This could then be a heavy loss to a publishing business. However, with Waha’s smart design, illegal copies will never happen again, the rights of the publishing business would be perfectly protected !!!

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