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SoHo and Professional User

In this competitive business world, those who are designers, lawyers and accountants always need to leave their designs or ideas with their customers upon request; however, it somehow gives away his/her intellectual property rights and the initiative of doing business to the customer. Some customers could even sell or use the contract between themselves and the designer/lawyer.

With Waha Digit Security Software, the intellectual property rights could be protected from such intentional stealing. We could transmit the enveloped file for the customer to review; therefore, not only the customer gets to see the idea, but also the idea giver gets to keep the idea instead of losing any opportunities for a business deal.

We would first pack the wanted file through Waha Digit Security Software, then transfer it to the customer. When the customer receives the envelope, opens to read the content, then the file will be automatically deleted after a certain time frame. This could prevent the intellectual property rights being copied.

Other types of online data such as e-book, thesis, e-learning, mp3, flash, and demo media, could all be securely processed through Waha technology.

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