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Business File Security

Businesses usually categorize their files internally to have different levels especially the medium to large business, who always manage their internal files through a data computerized mode. However, since an employee always copies or prints the files when they retrieve the files, there’s a great possibility the files could be exposed beyond the company, thus causing a great lost and compatibility for the company in the business market.

Waha Security software could avoid this loss by a company in the business market. The company file management personnel will envelop the backup file for internal confidential files with Waha Security Software, and if files were needed by other staff, they would have to get the golden key and password from the file management personnel and be monitored online while processing. The file would be opened in a very secure environment and it is only set to be read, not to be copied or printed illegally. The advanced technology of Waha Security Software stops the business files from being stolen; and the available file run time could be set up flexibly, with the file being automatically deleted when the time is up. There is no way for the staff to save the file.

The file reading limitations internally for the authorized staff could be set up by the company limitation authorization.

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