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Defeat API Hook / Against Most Debuggers
PKI Featuring up to 1024 bit Public Key
SSL & CA Online Security Data Transfer
Run Time Encryption/Decryption
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Waha Professional Eediton

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Professional Edition :
Waha Professional Edition offers a complete protection and privacy for the most sorts of your personal valued files, including documents, pictures, drawings and video clips, etc. Using Waha Professional Edition to share the files, which could protect being files shared. And protects security sharing file being printed, saved, copied, cut and pasted, or screen printed by other unauthorized users. For those backup files produced by testing/recording, fishing, or spying programs, it offers only sharing, but leaves no signs at all after using it. Users who want to share the files to friends are able to share them with no worries.


The effective and flexible timing control of file sharing not only offers the protected file multiple times of file opening safely, but also provides the flexibilities of file sharing time frames. It allows file sharing to be safely controlled, long lasting and multiple times’ file opening.


The user could download Waha Professional Edition from Waha, and install it in one of the operating systems of Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista,and Win7. To enjoy the long-hour-file-protecting service of Waha Professional Edition, all you have to do is to restart the computer after the installation, then complete the online registration.

The service charges for Waha Professional Edition:
For a Year: $25.80 (USD)
For 2 Years: $43.80 (USD)

To open the files which being protected by Waha Fro Pessional Edition, download Waha Player or double-click on the installed Waha Professional Edition.

To use Waha Pessional Edition to share the protected file, the protecting time frames could be set up flexibly, and it is not limited to one-time file opening only.

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