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Powerful File Rules Callback and Change
File Displaying Runtime Management
Copy / Print Protection / License Control
Online Authentication / Monitoring
Defeat API Hook / Against Most Debuggers
PKI Featuring up to 1024 bit Public Key
SSL & CA Online Security Data Transfer
Run Time Encryption/Decryption
Defeat Reverse Engineering.........more
Waha 3/4 editon
Waha Home edition
Waha SoHo edition

Waha Digital Security Plat...
Basic Structure
System benefit
System Function
System Smart
Management Functions
Terminal Function


Enterprise Management Functions:

Personnel Management.
File or Batch rule Management.
Wed Interface Management.
Emergency System/Terminal Safety Callback/Update/Deletion.
Version Compatible/Rejecting Management.
Password Management.
Registering Management.
Printing Management.
Reading Behavior Management.
Data Security Management.
Recording Management.

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