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Powerful File Rules Callback and Change
File Displaying Runtime Management
Copy / Print Protection / License Control
Online Authentication / Monitoring
Defeat API Hook / Against Most Debuggers
PKI Featuring up to 1024 bit Public Key
SSL & CA Online Security Data Transfer
Run Time Encryption/Decryption
Defeat Reverse Engineering.........more
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Waha Home edition
Waha SoHo edition

Waha Digital Security Plat...
Basic Structure
System benefit
System Function
System Smart
Management Functions
Terminal Function


Waha Business Version

Waha Business Version provides great safety protection for business confidential files and its valued contents. Other than the basic functions of preventing file contents being saved, copied, cut and pasted, printed, screen printed, and e-mail forwarded by unauthorized users, it even fulfills the advanced requirement of big business culture and provides a complete secured system, and achieves the recognition of international standard industry and the safety of digital contents.

Waha Business Version is very strictly prohibited files from leaking to unauthorized users or spying programs. It synchronizes security data management and file callback function in order to be compatible with the total business environment system.

The solid organization, personnel safety, environment safety, rule safety, encryption safety and data security present in the whole system management.Not just web-based interface management, member management, or version acception/rejection management, …etc; in addition, synchronized control and management, hardware security recognition, automatic inspection, floating digit signature, audit system, document certification system and file rules, …etc, are all optional to meet all kinds of business’ expected online security requirement.

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