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Waha's products are turnkey software solutions for file security and reading behavior control. That can protect a wide range of file formats and stop hackers in their tracks. The key features are listed as follows:

   Powerful File Rules Callback and Change
   File Displaying Runtime Management
   Copy/Print/License/Screen Capture Control
   Online Authentication / Monitoring
   Defeat API Hook / Against Most Debuggers
   Cloud Computing Security
   Portiable Device Data Security (USB,,mobile..
   Run Time Encryption/Decryption

   Defeat Reverse Engineering.........more

Five Functions
Effective management of authorized files and, protection of run-timed and original files.
Supporting most of operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux.
Mastering and modification of security rules through an easy Web-based administrative interface.
Full security for files with different formats.
Recording any usages of the security files on the server action.
Full control of readers' copyright, printing, saving, and reading of security files (for both temporary or original files).

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