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Q1 :Is there any limit to the digital type of the file when SE is enveloping the pack?
Q2 :How many ways of transmission are available to transmit the enveloped pack of files?
Q3 :Is there any limit to how many times to read the enveloped files besides the timing of reading?
Q4 : How long time can be set commonly?
Q5 :How many files can be enveloped for one click during the SE enveloping process?
Q6 :What to do when error occurs after the point value has been download?
Q7 : Can all the enveloped files in the pack share the same file name?
Q8 :How to buy the point value card? Is there any selling store?
Q9 : Is there any restriction on the size of the files to be enveloped by SE?
Q10 : Can other symbols or Chinese characters be used in setting the password besides the Arabic numerals and English letters?
Q11 : Will the augment generated by enveloping files occupy the band-width resources when the pack of files is being transmitted on the Internet?
Q12 : Will the file automatic deletion be mistaken for virus or become the hidden files in the computer?
Q13 : How many bytes will be added to files after packed?
Q14 : How long will it take for SE to envelop different files?
Q15 : If one of the files of the other party happening to have the same name with the Key File, can the Key File be unfold? And can different files with the same name server as one Key File to unfold the pack?
Q16 : How to cope with the slow reaction in enveloping files?
Q17 : The timing will begin just when the unfolding begins, but not after the completion of unfolding.
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