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Powerful File Rules Callback and Change
File Displaying Runtime Management
Copy / Print Protection / License Control
Online Authentication / Monitoring
Defeat API Hook / Against Most Debuggers
PKI Featuring up to 1024 bit Public Key
SSL & CA Online Security Data Transfer
Run Time Encryption/Decryption
Defeat Reverse Engineering.........more
Channel partners
Solution partner
Reseller partner
Region partner
Enterprise sales partner
OEM partner

Partner--welcome to the waha partner program

The Waha Partner Program provides opportunities that bring success to your
business by partnering with Waha, the world top company in digital security

Waha’s offer approaches high-tech, low-cost, and market-demanded
technology to local-based solutions, delivering the best model of ownership .
This best of technology and flexibility deliver more responsibility , more
nimbleness, and a better return on IT.

Waha’s global strategy with local marketing touch brings you to share the
Digital Right Management security business to protect and value-added both
for your customers and business. Also, the Waha partner program offers you
a practical framework to gain your company succeed.

To own partnership with Waha, your company will benefit from Waha’s
resource of comprehensive sales and marketing support, co-owned business,
sharing technology, technical support, training and certification. It gains great
opportunities to secure the profits for you and also protect your customers
with Waha’s technology.

Waha provides flexible market strategies with its technology, support, and
resource to meet your business success for partners. We offer the suitable
products, support, solution, service, and market resource to serve your
business at market niche and fulfill customers need.

Waha provides six relationship of partner programs for partners. These are:

Channel partner
Solution partner
Reseller partner
Region partner
Enterprise sales partner
OEM partner

We invite you to review each partner program to suit your business type. And,
encourage you to contact us to partner with Waha.


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