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Powerful File Rules Callback and Change
File Displaying Runtime Management
Copy / Print Protection / License Control
Online Authentication / Monitoring
Defeat API Hook / Against Most Debuggers
PKI Featuring up to 1024 bit Public Key
SSL & CA Online Security Data Transfer
Run Time Encryption/Decryption
Defeat Reverse Engineering.........more
Channel partners
Solution partner
Reseller partner
Region partner
Enterprise sales partner
OEM partner

Partner--welcome to the waha partner program

OEM partner

To deeply serve industry needs is one of the keys to success for Waha’s
business and long-term business development strategy. Waha looking forward
partner is device manufacturer, systems integrator, independent software
vendor, or other type of technology provider who are interesting in leverage
Waha’s security technology to enhance business.

Waha offers a variety of modules to support and serve our OEM partners to
meet customers’ requirements from A to last-mile security.

To be OEM partners

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